Atelier Vivarism

Site Mascot

You know the Björk song, "Venus as a Boy?" This is "Vivarism as a Girl," and she is so cute!!! ╂│ I'm just obsessed with her!

Gas Station-verse

OCs made for a friend's story, which features a gas station.


Some semi-recent artwork of random characters.

Friends of Mettle Town

An unwritten series of short kinetic novels. It's about a post-apocalyptic town where unspeakable horrors are every day occurences.


Yesterday's magnum opus, now discontinued. I still love Lazuli, though.


Whenever I want to remind myself how much my art has improved, I redraw old pieces. It always makes me feel happy and accomplished! The originals are things I laboured over for hours, while the do-overs are quick scribbles.

For even more art...

...take a look at my Undertale Gallery!!! As of late, that's where the bulk of my creative energy has been directed.

Close the sketchbook?