UNDERTALE  Fanfiction Recommendation List

Warning! Disclaimer!

Some of the links on this page lead to sexually explicit content, all of which will be clearly marked with this (NSFW) sticker. If you click on them, you'll be prompted once more to confirm "yes, I want to see it!" (Unless, of course, you've already told AO3 to take you straight to the good stuff.)

Since this is my reclist, I would feel kind of responsible if something you found here made you feel bad, so I guess I'll warn you now that I am a freak. I have freak tastes. Be sure to look over all the tags and warnings before you get into the actual story. At that point, it's all on you.

That said, there is plenty of perfectly normal, non-freaky stuff to be found here! In fact I'd say the ratio of normal to reprehensible is like 5:1. Those are winning numbers, right?! I still get to go to heaven, don't I!?!?!!

My Rating System

Along with the responsibilities associated with having a reclist comes the right to be as exclusive and opinionated as I want. I mean, I doubt anyone will ever see this anyways! So, I'll give each story or series ratings out of five in three categories: Efficacy, Characterisation, and Prose. The one-to-five scale is a bit tricky for even me to parse, since unfortunately I can't award fractional points. Let's just say it goes like this...

★☆☆☆☆: Does not meet my standards.

★★★☆☆: Passable, fine, nothing special.

★★★★★: Carefully considered and admirably executed.

As for the categories, Efficacy asks, "did the story deliver on genre expectations?" "Did I feel what the author wanted me to feel?" "Was the pacing good?" "Did I get bored?" "Is this story rattling around inside my head long after I finished it?" Basically, how satisfied am I as a reader?

Next, Characterisation deals with the author's ability to convince me that, yes, Sans Undertale really would say or do the things she made him say and do. But I actually like a lot of OOC stories, so writers tend to get high marks just for capturing his speech patterns. What's most important to me is that my darling sounds like himself~─

Lastly, there's Prose. Here I'm rating readability and flow, the uniqueness of the author's voice, her use of literary devices, and just... overall... effort expended? Like, did you write the first thing that came to mind and leave it as is, or did you try to do something? This is where the craft truly comes into focus, so I find myself grading pretty hard, heh...

If all this sounds hoity-toity and self-important, that's because it is! It's my reclist after all!!!