Vivarism means?

It's a word I made up, and it has a very simple meaning: "to live." That's right— vivarism is the conscious decision to partake in a filling, full, lively, lovely life. This is the kind of decision you make not just once, but over and over again as the moment calls for it. Sometimes you decide after years of back-and-forth internal debate. Sometimes you decide in an insant of spontaneous clarity. Most often, you decide "to live" after carefully considering how you want to spend your time on this big, beautiful Earth.

I hope that when it comes time to decide, everyone will choose vivarism.

Identifying Information

Alias Age Location
Flonne "Vi" Pocket Pre 9/11 Zoomer 入口出口
Zodiac Aura Colour Best Stats
Mostly water Lavender INT/LUK
Care Instructions
Plant deep in mineral-rich soil where it will receive full morning sun and afternoon shade. Water twice daily. Compliment thrice daily.


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Relatable Characters
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Real-Life Possessions
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Let's Play Pretend!

If I was a musical instrument...

I think I'd be one of those plastic toy versions of a real instrument. ☆ A toy piano. Y'know, the kind that you buy for a child because it's cute and fun, and nowhere near as expensive as the real deal. ┤ You bring it home, patting yourself on the back for finding another way to keep the kid busy, only to stop short as you hear the first few plasticky notes... and then several hundred more... with no signs of stoppping. That sweet, cheap purchase of yours has evolved into a unique form of torture, which is only dubiously musical at best. Pray that the batteries run out quickly!┌

More specifically, A toy guitar. I think I'd be an electric guitar whose plastic strings are molded to the fretboard, with a little switch on the front that you can flick up and down to pretend you're strumming. ♪ Like Guitar Hero, but smaller and in kindergarten colours! Or maybe I'd be a keyboard with animal faces on the keys, and flower- or fruit-shaped buttons that play preloaded songs. When you buy it, you assume they're nursery rhymes, ┠ only to make the horrific discovery that they are actually MARETU's greatest hits. ╂┌

If I was a boss in an RPG...

I'd be some kind of recurring, exposition-dumping NPC who turns out to have been evil all along. You confront me on a sunny day in a flower field where I congratulate you for finally seeing through my facade! But you're too late, hero. My plan is already in motion. A wind kicks up, the sky turns dark, and all the flowers wilt as I unleash my true power.

Syudou's "Handle With Care" comes on. I'm slashing at you with a bunch of knives that spin in a circle behind me and then fly straight for your vitals. It's so cool and epic. This is your favourite part of the game.

My main strategy is debuffing and poisoning your party members, then going in for a OHKO, so if you want to survive you've got to kill me quick. Just not too fast, please! I want to finish my monologue!!

If I was a -core aesthetic...

Flonnecore is polka dots and puffy stars; gingham and green apple; studies of rare words interspersed with doodles of bunny rabbits and smiling girls; sunny mornings; stormy afternoons; stuffed animals soaking in buckets of soapy water, then hung by the ears on a clothesline to dry; sheet music; milk; MSPaint; a file explorer displaying a digital hoarde; electroswing crunched into .midi; your fingers on a dusty keyboard; angels; devils; cyborgs; ghosts; deadly weapons decorated with dime-store stickers; running, shoelaces untied; fresh bread scent on a cold wind; melted ice cream; existential dread; gods who never blink; flowers that never bloom; fate that writes itself; and those who write their own.

So... yeah. Here on Vivarism dot net we celebrate cutesy-edgy weirdos. And by "we" I mean just me. (And I'm the weirdo as well.) (Jeez, one woman show over here!)

That's enough for now.
It was nice to meet you!