About My Stickers

All of the stickers that you see on this website are real, physical stickers that I own IRL. But I have to be clear: I didn't draw them myself! I just bought them, scanned them, and cut them out for our enjoyment.

Why I Make Them

Stickers are delicate yet permanent. Once you stick one down, you likely won't be able to get it back up again. They also fade with time and, being physical objects, can only exist in a single place at once. For these reasons, among many more, people sometimes hesitate to use their stickers... and, well, I'm "people."

By making my stickers digital, I extend their lifetime. Sure, I've only got one copy in "real life," but on my computer that single image can be duplicated infinitely for maximum happiness. Some of the artwork is so cute, I just can't bear for them to disappear. That's why I don't stop at making them— I share them as well, so that everyone can get in on the fun! (What's infinity times infinity? Heh.)

If you'd like to own these stickers physically, not just digitally, check Aliexpress. I'm sure if you search "cute stickerbook" you'll be able to find them or something similar.

How to Make Your Own

  1. Buy/find/acquire a sticker sheet that you like. Again, I bought mine from Aliexpress. I also have tons more from random places that I intend to scan and upload someday as well.
  2. Scan the sheets. I tend to scan them in big batches (20+), and always before I use them in real life.
  3. Open in image editing software. I use Clip Studio Paint, because that's the art program I've been using for years. As long as the software supports transparency, then you can use it. (Basically, no MSPaint)
  4. Magic wand select & delete the background. This works best on stickersheets with plain, white backgrounds. Colours and patterns will make it more difficult. I don't have any tips about this yet because, so far, I haven't had to tackle that issue.
  5. Check to make sure all stickers are in tact. Did the magic wand accidentally select some part of your precious sticker? Ctrl + Z and make the selection more carefully. Methods depend on your software. Be especially careful when dealing with lineless stickers that have a similar colour to the background.
  6. Check for "dust" / stray pixels, extraneous background. When I say "extraneous background" I mean empty space that is inside of a sticker. For example: between the legs, inside the handle of a cup, etc.
  7. Once you're confident everything is perfect, save the transparent sheet as a whole. Just so you never have to do this again!
  8. Lasso select one sticker. Start with your favourite.
  9. Copy it, then "create new from clipboard." I know CSP can do this, not sure about other programs. An alternative method might be crop/save/undo/repeat.
  10. Delete the background/make sure it's transparent. This is also a good time to check for dust one last time!
  11. Save as .png It must be a png to preserve the transparency. I guess you could also make it a .webp or a .gif, or anything else with an alpha channel, but why do that when .png is the best file type ever?
  12. All done!

I have a lot of this process semi-automated using shortcuts on my tablet and keyboard. If anyone is interested, I'll share the specifics. Keep in mind that it was created for use with Clip Studio Paint, not any other program.