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WAS NOBODY GONNA TELL ME THAT THE POP-UP BOX WASN'T WORKING?! Omg... It's my own fault for not testing it myself, tbh. Luckily the same display/#target trick is working elsewhere on the site (the Toybox), so... I'm glad that it's just over here that things went wrong. In any case, I was having trouble thinking of stuff to put in that box anyway, so now I'm just copy/pasting everything I wrote in there as individual entries here. I won't be dating them, so for posterity's sake I'll say now that they were written/created between the 24th and 29th of March.

In other news... I love Sans soooo much. I haven't been writing in here because I've been busy redoing Vivarism from scratch, but don't worry! I'm still thinking about him every single day/night, and when I journal before bed (in my IRL diary) I always write about him, or at least draw him. One issue with revamping the entire website is that it exacerbates a problem I've had all along: there is not enough Sansgoki art. It is very fulfilling to draw every single asset myself— especially because it's pretty much all I want to draw! It is also extraordinarily time consuming. This is the bottleneck that will keep me from finishing the Undertale section for a while yet.

I'm even contemplating commissioning a couple artists, haha. It wouldn't be the same as having everything on my site hand-made by me, but it would definitely be cool and fun in a different way. The biggest obstacle there is finding people who can draw Sans and draw him well. For a character with such a simple design, people sure seem to draw him in very different ways... There are a couple artists whose Sans designs I just adore but OMG, they are way out of my league, and not taking commissions anyways. I browsed the Undertale Amino a bit, which was surprisingly fruitful. I found a couple people to keep on my radar, at least, even if I never end up ordering any art.

I'm probably better off just learning to draw fast. Lineless art is pretty good speedwise, maybe I'll go back to that. I want to learn to draw in general, and even change up my art style some more... It'd be nice to draw more cute/moe style things, but it'd also be nice to just draw things as simply as possible.......... Ahh, a never ending struggle!!!!!

At least I know that I will always have fun drawing Sans, no matter what he looks like in the end. And I'm getting better at it, anyways. I think the me of 8 months ago(!) would be very proud of my progress since then. Sans will be happy, too, that I'm rendering him more and more in his actual likeness lol. I don't think he'd object to being drawn poorly, actually, but I am certain he would poke fun at my art no matter what. "They say the camera adds 10 pounds. Looks like your pencil adds 10 inches." ← (REFERRING TO HIS HEIGHT NOT HIS FJDKASLFDMSAKLFMDS) "Huh? Do I really make faces like that?" (he doesn't, I still haven't figured out how to do his expressions (or lack thereof)) "Ah. Yaoi hands." "So... is there any particular reason you drew me so, uh... sexy?" etc. etc.

Ugh. I really ought to include some kind of "certified skeleton-fucker" warning on the soon-to-be-created-(as soon as i get some art) index page. Like "yes, I find Sans attractive, yes I want to kiss and hug and kill him and all the rest, and no I will not be going into detail about that but I will make hopefully-humourous allusions to it. 14 and up only!" Lol.

ANYWAYS. The other stuff I wrote is under this entry!!! There's so much, it's going to take up the entire page... hahaha.


7 Vocaloid/UTAU tracks that remind me of us (and bo en is there, too, I guess). Sorted so it flows pretty nicely! Runtime: 27min

Husbando Questionnaire!!!

These questions are from the waifuism thread on 4ch, compiled by an anonymous user on a Mongolian basket weaving forum. I'll be answering from the perspective of, like, me. My normal, mostly-sane self, and not my deranged, homicidal self-insert OC. None of this has any bearing on canon! Consider all of this as lore for the AU Where I Have a Harmless, Uncomplicated Daydream For Once, AKA "Sans Loves Me For Real."

Update: I've since moved the contents of this entry to its own dedicated section.


I'm yellow, Sans is blue!

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