Created 2022, Nov. 3


GenderGirl Creature
SpeciesEldritch Horror
SizeHighly Variable
ZodiacScorpio! ^_^
Flexibility ★★★★☆
Agility ★★★☆☆
Endurance ★★★☆☆
Maturity ★☆☆☆☆
Appetite ★★★★★


This thing is a cosmic detritivore that floats at the very edges of the multiverse and subsists upon hopeless, bloodstained, tragic, dead, empty timelines. Typically, it swallows them whole without bothering to inspect their contents, much less explore the worlds within. That's not its role. Its place is at the end of the primordial foodchain, devouring the scraps of stories long forgotten.

It's dark out there, at the brink of reality... and very cold... but it's not lonely. "Lonely" implies having company to miss, and this thing has never had any— until now.

  Enter: UNDERTALE  

Unlike the stale and lifeless timelines on the edges of the multiverse, the world of UNDERTALE is anything but dead. It is a hub of constant activity, ever-evolving and off-shooting in endless permutations. Something like this has no use touching it, going near it, or even knowing about it! And yet... the more it looked, the louder the echo became... that electrical chorus, the fiery vibration, a deep shudder radiating out from within. This was the very first instance, in a mindless creature, of "desire."

It wondered, can I eat that?

So it nibbled away at certain parts, yadda yadda keep one because he's the one who can tell her truthfully and objectively what she is allowed to eat. After all, he's the Judge. Isn't that his job? Something about Sans recognising her as a threat to the universe, but for the wrong reasons/in the wrong way. She left most of the story intact— Sans imagines she's someone else...

Either way she falls in love with him. She cares less about eating UNDERTALE and more about eating Sans himself. Consuming him entirely. Becoming one with him. But within the confines of the game, she can't actually merge with him. And if she leaves the world to swallow it, it will disappear forever, and he'll be just one "piece" among countless others she's digested. So isntead she takes advantage of the human's power to SAVE/LOAD/RESET and plays again and again with Sans, never wanting their time together to end....... cue Dusttale. The rest should be explained on the timelines page. Which is also unfinished. Sigh.

BUT. I'd rather end on a note about her deciding to stay in UNDERTALE to spend time with Sans, because as their battle went on, she found herself caring less about his judgement and more about his character. Just who is this guy? And why is he so hot?!? (She has a crush on him, etc.) This is her first ever chance at "living," "being a person." She is not very convincing but she is having a whole lot of fun!

Personality: Acquired!


  • Sitting in Sans's lap
  • Sans's cute, silly smile
  • When Sans turns to look at her
  • Digging through Sans's pockets
  • Holding hands with Sans
  • Giving Sans "gifts"
  • When Sans feeds her a snack
  • Sans's voice when he's just woken up or is about to sleep
  • (The list goes on in a
    similar manner...)


  • Eating what she shouldn't
  • Stealing Collecting mementos
  • Drawing with markers & crayons
  • Stalking & being stalked
  • Exploring new textures


  • Permanent separation from Sans
  • Rotting from the inside out
  • Confirmation that she is "bad"


I've been blessed with some really thoughtful gifts from friends in the form of adorable drawings of Goki-chan! A couple commissions, too! Here she is, as rendered by other's loving hands...