This page used to be a to-do list... but I literally never used it! Such a shame, because the design is super adorable. I couldn't just let it go to waste, so now it's a hub for older works related to my Sans obsession.

Mouse over the tabs on the left to visit previous shrines and diaries! And take a look at some never-before-seen, unfinished "scraps" of mine, too.


  • "What are you usually?"

    2023, 16 May - Not bad actually! Outdated Goki lore though

  • Questions

    2023, 16 Feb - Dusttale angst... Oof ouch the edge...

  • Bed-sharing

    2022, 13 Dec - Very old and weird, but kinda cute

  • "Profile pages" for Sans/Goki AU versions
  • Dusttale Sans/Goki metrics... very unfinished lol
  • A glossary that was going to be helpful but in this state could only be extra confusing