Husbando Questionnaire

Last Updated: 2024 January 2nd

What is this?

More than anything, it's an excuse for me to ramble and rant about Sans for pages on end! Some of these questions are from the waifuism thread on 4ch, compiled by an anonymous user on a free range cattle herding forum. The rest were pulled from Tumblr ask memes or made up by yours truly, and I've sorted them into my own categories, too.

There's... a lot. I'm working on each section bit by bit as my energies and interests change, so don't be surprised if some parts are unfinished.

Keep an eye out for these images—   — to see what's been updated. I recommend starting with the playlist page to pick out some mood music, then moving on to whichever category interests you most.

What about Gokiburi-chan?

I'll be answering from the perspective of, like, me— my normal, mostly-sane self, and not my deranged, homicidal self-insert OC. None of this has any bearing on サンゴキ canon! Consider all of this as lore for the AU Where I Have a Harmless, Uncomplicated Daydream For Once, AKA "Sans Loves Me For Real."

Can I answer the questionnaire, too?

Yes! I have made a blank version in HTML+CSS that anyone can download and use. Either way, you're more than welcome to take inspiration from these pages for your own projects! Not like any of it belongs to me, lol.