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  1. Reminds you of your husbando

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  2. Reminds you of your self-insert

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  3. Reminds you of your relationship

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  4. Describes the first time you met

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  5. Would play on your first date

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  6. Plays while you're cooking together

    “sunny” by potsu from ivy league (2019)

    This jazzy, bossa nona style soundtrack is perfect for my daily life with Sans. It’s both cute and refined, laid back but full of life… The horn riff frequently gets stuck in my head and it is very satisfying to hum. i bet i would put on this album for us as we hustled into the kitchen to make dinner together. Yes, TOGETHER, because i’m making Sans my sous chef... hehe…

    He’ll help me into my apron, manoeuvring the neck strap around my massive hair, then tie a little bow at the back, right at my waist, and slap my ass for the trouble lol. After that he’s mostly around to fetch me different things, clean up behind me, stir the food, taste it, tell me how good I’m doing… he’s more like moral support than a sous chef hahaha

    If he really wants to help, maybe he could chop some stuff up. I kinda like the idea of him with a knife in his hands… Since writing about this little daydream, I actually played ivy league while preparing some sweet potatoes to bake. I had to chop most of them clean in half, which for me was a real test of strength. It got easier when I imagined Sans helping out with his gravity magic. After watching me line up the knife and curl my fingers out of the way, he'd ask "ready?" and then slam the cleaver down into the cutting board.

  7. Sounds like your movie night

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  8. Makes you want to dance with him

    SOMETHING by Caravan Palace...

    I love (electro)swing music, and swing dancing cant be that hard, right?? I like to think that Sans is secretly an excellent dancer— after all, he’s agile enough to dodge every last attack in his boss battle (until you cheat and swing twice). Even if he doesn't always have the energy for it, he enjoys dancing and would be more than happy to dance with me.

    Im imagining it like this… I put on the song and start bopping along. Because i'm alone, I feel safe enough to do my embarrassingly uncoordinated wiggles and shakes. It’s actually incredible how bad my dancing is lol. Im saved only by my natural rhythm, but it’s not enough to keep me from looking absolutely ridiculous….

    … and to my horror, sans sees me and laughs. I’m embarrassed because I hate being bad at things, I wish I was cool and interesting and attractive, not a freak weirdo dork. Sure, Sans is well aware of my dorkiness and doesn't seem to mind, but still…

    “How long were you watching?!”

    “i watched as long as i could without laughing… so maybe a second or two?”

    “Whatever… I know I can’t dance.”

    “that’s fine, cuz i can.”

    “You can?" I squeak as he pulls me in by the waist. "Huh?!”

    “follow my lead.”

    And then he twirls me around the room so effortlessly that my head spins.

  9. Sounds like your first night spent in the same bed

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  10. Would be his lullaby to you

    "Wizard's House" from Harvest Moon: Animal Parade (2009)

    I cant really imagine sans singing softly… For him, singing seems like a “go big or go home,” sorta thing, where if he’s not performing on stage as a pop star then it’s just not happening. But I think he'd be willing to hum! And "Wizard's House" is very hummable.

    I'd hum it to myself while doing chores or loop the actual song often enough for Sans to notice. He'd guess that the melody keeps me calm? And know for a fact that I really like it. Meanwhile I don't expect him or anybody to pay close attention to me, much less remember small details like that, so when he starts humming the song to help me sleep, before I feel comforted, first I'm just shocked!

    Whether I express that shock or not, Sans would read it instantly— and laugh. He'd ruffle my hair and tell me he's always paying attention, for better and for worse....

    "What? What do you mean 'for worse?'"

    "why don'tcha fall asleep and have a nightmare about it?"

    "Sans! That's not comforting at all!"

  11. Would be your lullaby to him

    "Shiva" by the Antlers from Hospice (2009)

    Unlike Sans, I actually like to sing and would serenade him regularly with my ukulele. He watches attentively through my whole performance, without interrupting, and claps slowly at the end. He loves the sound of my voice, and he loves it the most when it’s alll dedicated to him.

    At the same time, I'm not used to singing quietly... I prefer to project my voice, and the louder I am the more control I have, so it's actually harder for me to be quiet. This sucks, since I doubt Sans would want me to startle him fully awake with belting fit for the stage, LOL. But this is a fantasy where none of my real world limitations have to matter.

    So of course my lullabies are soft and soothing…! When he wakes up from a bad dream, he’ll hold me like a teddy bear with a music box inside and I’ll sing him gently back to sleep… "Shiva" is not a happy song but at least it is mellow, and it's a song I very much like to sing. The lyrics are about the pain of loss, separation, and betrayal, so maybe it would soothe Sans in that beautiful way that sad songs can sometimes help us feel less sad.

  12. Plays at your wedding

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  13. Songs that are good for...

  14. Mutual pining

    “Saltwater Room” by Owl City, from Ocean Eyes (2008)

    Stargazing on the beach with Sans… I can’t think of anything more romantic. I love the ocean and he loves the stars, so a beautiful night sky glittering over the deep black waves feels, to me, like the perfect representation of our relationship. They meet at the horizon, but it’s only the illusion of touch. As much as I long for him, and as much as I might imagine him longing for me in return, we can never be together. We’re separated by a boundary that none can cross.

    But just for tonight… just for tonight, we can pretend. We can walk side by side, hand in hand, talking, laughing, marveling at the beauty of the moment. Happy. Together. In love.

  15. One-sided pining

    "Passenger Seat" by Death Cab for Cutie from Transatlanticism (2003)

    This whole album is pining central, especially the titular track, "Transatlanticism." I've chosen "Passenger Seat" instead because, to me, it feels more specifically like Sans. There is the stargazing motif, acts of service on his end (driving me home, teaching me about celestial bodies), and bold proclamations of unending love and promises of eternal support from mine.

    Plus, the repetitive, subdued melody— just four or five keys on the piano— is much softer and less dramatic than "Transatlanticism," which starts out soft but evolves into a complex, multi-layered melody. Its themes are more complex, too. That song is about cultural shifts, natural disasters, and the lengths to which we go for the ones we adore. Meanwhile "Passenger Seat" is just kinda... comfy.

    Overall, it compliments a dynamic where Sans knows that I'm madly in love with him, and we both know he doesn't reciprocrate, but somehow everyone is fine with that. I would find some way to appreciate the intimacy of small moments like these, because it's as close as we're ever gonna get. Where the lovers in "Transatlanticism" are unsatisfied and striving, "Passenger Seat" is melancholically content.

  16. Imagining your future together

    "Malibu" by Masayoshi Takanaka from All of Me (1979)

    This is a Sans song, through and through, though I cant say exactly why. It just has the right vibe. Very soon, I’ll be moving to a tropical climate and “Malibu” sounds to me like it would play over a montage of mine and Sans’s adventures. I'm very excited to take my SANSDOLL out into nature, as if we really were going for walks!

  17. Saying what you wish you could tell him

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  18. Remembering when first found your husbando

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  19. Miscellaneous daydreaming

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  2. "SNOWY (G-Route)" by Toby Fox, from UNDERTALE (2015)
  3. "Winter (Remix)" by Noriko Ishida, from Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility (2007)

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